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Leading Role
In any selected business model in various distribution channels, the product is the Star of the Show.

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Pre-Scrip to Success
The price of our product deserves ultimate attention for it will direct and determine your target customer.

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Placement & Positioning
Having aligned Product and Price to your marketing mix, determine where to find your target market.

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Brand Exploitation
TV marketing creates demand especially at retail due to the pre-sold nature of products via media established brand recognition.

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  • Home Shopping Network Product Representation
  • Pre-Production Infomercial /Spot Productions
  • Consumer Product Marketing
  • Product/Business Development
  • Retail Store Representation/Distribution
  • Project/Account Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • International Distribution
  • Telemarketing Scripting
  • Fulfillment set up
  • Media Marketing

“From Soup to Nuts”

The term “from soup to nuts” can be applied to Lynda.

In the world of selling to the consumer, no one handles everything so well.

Lynda is a master at sourcing the product, engineering the fulfillment, directing the media and overseeing the retail distribution.

But the real advantage that Lynda brings to the table is her dedication to the client and the ability to bring it all together. mercury

She also has her Masters in being a real human being.

“Go to the Next Level”

Lynda was a Godsend for us as we wandered aimlessly through the intimidating, even wily world of DRTV and Infomercial Marketing prior to meeting her.

Being a Product Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution Company looking to propel our product designs to the “next level” of Direct Response Television Retail Lynda was an incredible find and the perfect fit to consult and control the sales & marketing component of our venture.

Her infinite knowledge, attention to detail, tell it like it is demeanor and pay me when I have done something attitude, is the perfect mix of professionalism and personal touch.

Lynda’s honesty and integrity is apparent as she integrates with your venture providing the DRTV Marketing expertise that you need to be successful, while letting you do what you do best.

homestyleAll this DRTV business proficiency, performance, and support at a “more than fair” compensation rate!

“The Absolute Professional”

I’ve known Lynda Lafair for over 15 years and have worked with her for almost as many.

An expert in the field of Direct Response, but also in marketing, she is able to envision those particulars in a campaign that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary success.

That’s how good she is.

Direct, funny, precise, Lynda is all about the details, and her level of expertise is impressive, and so she’s consistently the absolute professional.

I know I will work with her for many more years, and I will always treasure our friendship.