Leading Role

In any selected business model in various distribution channels, the product is the Star of the Show.

The Ideal Product

The ideal Product(s) for DRTV and Shopping Networks eventual retail must address the following features: uniqueness, tell a story, good perceived value, demonstrate-able.


The elements enhancing the product(s) sale will contain all or some including;

  • utility
  • efficiency
  • impulse
  • benefits
  • features
  • and an element of entertainment.
These prescriptive elements when creatively scripted, ignite the WOW FACTOR in promotion of your brand to its end user.


The product has to stand on its own integrity for sure; all considered, the category, utility, brand and messaging, drives its marketing strategy and its evolution toward its target market.



Pre-Script to Success

The price of our product deserves ultimate attention for it will direct and determine your target customer.

For example, mass merchandise vs. specialty items will more or less dictate your target market, I e.

Who you are selling to!
Assume consumers are sophisticated shoppers and essentially know what products costs; however the more deign, detail and differentiation of product will command the right price and create desire to purchase.

Price of product along with product category will inform as to ideal customer as well product positioning in the marketplace.

The S&H Issue

Consider in a mail order model of selling, that shipping costs add to price so discounted or value added merchandise must offset these charges in your pricing structure.



Placement and Positioning

Having aligned Product and Price to your marketing mix, determine where to find your niche, or target market.

This information gathered determines your customer, “Who you are selling product to”;

  • age
  • gender
  • cultural nuances
  • color selections
  • logo
  • message

Those designate the attributes of packaging and culminates the “offer” and value proposition of the product.

The Packaging
The packaging and offer acts as signage to your brand, part of it’s’ recognition and becomes your signature to brand.

Packaging design aligned to product color, size, category, application… helps position the product for attracting and reaching your target customer.

Brand Recognition
This is especially good to launch via TV and or online for brand recognition through advertising impressions gained through media marketing.

However, it is not uncommon to use a plain white or brown corrugated carton for mail order according to genre’ of product.

However, beauty and personal care items for more upscale presentation purposes that may target a more sophisticated client, a white box is highly recommended.

In this event, it is useful to place the brand name in color graphics, logo, product picture and or use and directions on the inside lid of box which serves to remind customer of brand presence.

Inside graphics in this regard is a great investment and a good use of advertising space to reinforce your brand, with the added benefit for gifting; to customers who purchase your brand as a gift item intended for another.
It gives a rich presentation.
Additionally, internal carton graphics reinforces advertising impressions and serves to instill brand recognition to recipient for future brand identification when product eventually makes its way to store retail shelves.

Media Positioning
A short form spot (:120,:60, :30) marketing campaign vs. a thirty minute (28:30) infomercial campaign, differs in media selection and strategies.

Also, determinative of good media buys is selecting target stations and networks for viewer demographics (gender, age, cultural identifications) in accordance with reaching the ideal audience, the target customer for your brand.

Retail’s Entrance
In addition, positioning media as a “retail push” in order to drive customers inside brick n mortar stores vs a Direct Response (DRTV) marketing campaign including on-line marketing will differ in strategy according to marketers plan for their brand.



In visual Media Marketing, a Celebrity and or host chosen to endorse the product, although very valuable to the products visibility and value, share the stage as the products presenter and sales facilitator.

The Product remains the Star of the Show

Product owners, inventors, designers are especially desirable if camera ready; for they may lend a different twist and pitch to proprietary product(s) adding value and design presence.

Like an orchestra leader to its music, the Product Host can make the product Sing.

Brand Exploitation

A Direct to Retail model encompasses all media, online and television marketing to sell products but primarily to enhance brand awareness of the products brand name.

This media exposure has “primed the pump” so to speak, creating the platform, momentum and readiness for retail distribution.

Media is the key platform

Media is the key platform for the mass merchandising experience. It provides for brand recognition and market exploitation in the selling process.

By investing the time and dollars for media testing and roll out nationally, you create the necessary visibility of brand while creating the launch into brick and mortar retail.

The additional purpose of your media run is to create the demand for the brand while setting the stage for retail buyers to be more inclined to purchase order and solicit your brand to their stores.

Exposing your product to TV marketing creates demand especially at retail due to the pre-sold nature of products via media established brand recognition.


In a Direct to Retail model, Television and online marketing selling and branding serve to elevate the visibility and demand of brands, capitalized through all sales channels of its marketing mix.